Updated Creds Support (May 2020)

As of 1 May, 2020 the Cred Support options have been updated and improved:

Support for All
Technical issues
E.g. enrolment issues, badge claim issues, system errors.
Raise an Incident
(select RMIT Creds in the Business service field)
Support for staff Support for students

Creds Issue

E.g. content and/or cred-submission related issues.

RMIT Creds Issue In Canvas, use the Ask your Instructor feature:

  • In the global left-hand nav, click Help
  • Select Ask your instructor a question
  • Select the Cred name in the drop-down box

College Cred Support

E.g. general Cred enquiries and requests; selecting and embedding Creds in courses/programs.





Creds Product Support

Product Owner enquiries, product requests, providing feedback.

RMIT Creds Product Support RMIT Connect
(online portal, webchat and
phone support available)

Special Consideration

Additional attempts and appeals for Creds-in-course-assessment.

  • The number of attempts are strictly controlled.   Creds with a Final Quiz = 2 attempts; Creds with a final submission = 1 attempt.  No additional attempts can be requested.
  • The exception is if a Cred is part of course assessment and the student applies for Special Consideration (e.g. illness) and the outcome specifies an additional attempt.
  • Otherwise, students can only re-enrol in the Cred the following semester.
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