Designing new assessments for online learning

Whether learning be online or face to face, the principles of assessment design remain the same; the design should be purposeful and aligned  directly to CLOs, it should incorporate insightful feedback ‘for’ learning, and requires a fair rubric that clearly outlines distinguishable levels to guide student performance. The three elements go hand in hand and each must be considered at the time of assessment design and in the design of the weekly Canvas shells. This graphic provides an overview of the key elements:

Fig. 1 Herzog, N. and Porcaro, P. (2020)

To hear more about each of these elements, this webinar (1 hour) will step you through the whole design process and prepare you to make changes to assessment for semester two.

Obviously the way you approach assessment in the online space may need to be rethought, for example, if you have a face to face presentation, this will now need to go online using tools such as Collaborate Ultra or Teams. We have brainstormed a range of different assessment tasks in the SEH ONLINE ASSESSMENT OPTIONS CHART (1) and provided an overview of how they could be approached in the online space.

There are a number of webinars on assessment and grading currently scheduled, see the Studios Eventbrite link for times and to register.