Solutions Lab 9 – Piazza: Collaborative Q & A forum for students & teachers

Piazza is a free online question and answer application that students can collaboratively work on answers by adding, modifying or deleting content. Teaching staff can view students’ questions and answers, post their own questions and answers and endorse the best response. It is not part of Canvas however it can be embedded into Canvas quite easily.

In the webinar recording below Sebastian Sardina, School of Science, discusses and demonstrates how he  has been using Piazza with his students since 2018, with great success. This semester Sebastian has been using it with a cohort of 500 students and reports his students and tutors love it. In 7 weeks, there has been 3600+ contributions in 500+ posts, with an average response time of just 16 mins. Sebastian and his tutors have used a range of discussion forums in a range of LMSs, however none of these compare with Piazza, including Canvas. None come close to Piazza when it comes to enabling students to collaboratively engage in discussion.

Additional Resources

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  • Mosina, N. (2014). Using wiki-based discussion forums in calculus: E-pathway toward improving students’ retention and learning in STEM gateway courses (Minority serving two-year college settings). 2014 IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference, 1–8.

Would you like to try out Piazza?

If you would like to try out Piazza contact Joe Lambe ( for access to the test forum he has setup for staff.