Solutions Lab 10 – Twist & Flip: Creating a great ‘lecture’ experience online

Evidence shows that students can struggle to engage with lecture videos online. Whilst it is true that recordings allow students to set their own pace and review difficult topics, many report that watching a 1 or 2 hour recording can be draining, confusing and de-motivating. But what are the alternatives to simply offering a replica of the face-to-face lecture experience?

In this session, Fabio Zambetta (School of Science) explains how he has replaced his lectures with a model that cleverly combines two practices: chunking and flipped learning. By chunking his lectures into short concept videos, Fabio is able to introduce topics to students in manageable segments. Each week, students are asked to watch the videos and then pose questions or ideas for discussion via an online form; these then shape the interactive discussion for the live ‘lecture’ session. Each of the segments is connected by a clear narrative, ensuring that the students can see how the activities relate to the course learning and assessment outcomes.

Fabio shows how he and his team have effectively applied this model in their course, using a combination of MSTeams, Canvas and OBS Studio to produce high quality and easily accessible resources.

Here’s the one pager with tips and links from Fabio.

Additional resources:

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Technical resources

Note: OBS is not supported by RMIT ITS. Users require admin access to their device before you can download and install OBS. This software does not provide editing functionality. Users are required to edit video content in another application, ECHO, Canvas Studio, Adobe Premier etc.