Preparing to teach online again next semester; try these tips!

This semester threw a big curve ball at all of us with virtually an overnight change to teaching online. If you haven’t done or experienced it before then you have had a huge journey. As the winter approaches and the end of semester looms, it’s time to reflect on that journey in order to plan appropriately for the new semester. Hindsight is a great thing and we have all learned a lot this semester and I’m sure there are many echoing the same problems; it was hard to engage them, they didn’t log on, they complained about the assessment etc. etc. With those things in mind, start to map out your new plan; where can you make the online learning experience better. RMIT Online’s Director of Teaching and Learning, Dr Dawn Gilmore, has provided 14 simple steps in a Linkedin blog to make your new semester an exciting one that paves the way for engaged students and reduced problems. I suggest you read all 14 practical tips, they’re easy and they will provide a more engaged classroom if you have had issues this semester. Good luck with the new semester’s plan.