Let’s Celebrate – Solutions Labs

Last week saw the completion of our 10th Solutions Lab session and we thought this the perfect time to extend a big ‘Thankyou!’ to everyone who has engaged with the initiative so far.

Solutions Labs started back in March when the physical campus closed. Homy Ashrafzadeh (SSCI) reached out to us with an offer – he already had some experience of teaching in MS Teams and thought, that by sharing his story, he could help other staff problem-solve and avoid pitfalls. The first webinar was a great success and, as the weeks have passed , we’ve seen the idea grow and grow.  If you haven’t yet had a chance to explore the recordings and resources, head over to the Solutions Lab page on SISTER – you might find some great ideas to use!

A strong community of contributors and followers has emerged and we are thrilled to see so many staff – across SEH and far beyond – engaging with opportunities to learn from each other.  As you can see, many people have attended live, but even more have accessed the post-event resources via the blogs posts and YouTube.  As a result, we are seeing that the great ideas shared over the last couple of months – everything from making online lectures interactive to delivering health clinics virtually  – are having an real impact on the ways staff are engaging with students online.

Looking ahead, we already have Solutions Labs 11 and 12 scheduled; click here for bookings.  Also, if you think you and your teaching team have a story to share, please just let us know!