So now what? The move from content delivery to collaborative learning

Many teaching staff used Collaborate Ultra for the first time this semester and it came with many challenges for some. So far their learning journey has been simply dealing with the tool to deliver content online and everyone has done a fabulous job moving to the online space; so what next?

In the upcoming semester, as we continue to meander through the unknown streets of online learning, it’s time for many to take the next steps. Content is online but we well know that it’s not just about content, we need to engage our learners. For effective online learning there is a need for us to collaborate and  communicate and create online learning communities. If we don’t, we risk losing some along the way, especially first year students who may be lost in a very lonely learning world.

Let’s make this semester about building a learning community and the best way to start that is to get our students talking, engaging in the learning rather than being passive receivers of knowledge. Activity based learning is essential to our learning plans for next semester. There are 12 simple active ideas here that will assist you in helping to engage your students in your Collaborate Ultra classroom. Start planning now for an engaging semester.