Solutions Lab 13 – Time Saving Tips for Teaching Online

Jess Danaher’s (School of Science) courses follow flipped and blended models, ideal for online environments.

In this session, Jess took us through her toolbox of time-freeing hacks. She gave a crash course on the simple editing software she uses to make quick updates to her lectures year to year, rather than recording them from scratch.

Jess also showcased simple tips and tricks that have helped her coordinate three courses online this Semester. These included her use of:

  • chunking videos
  • editing existing content
  • concise and consistent pre-programmed announcements
  • clear course narratives
  • utilising discussion boards with a community-vibe

It’s her real ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ approach on how to best utilise your time when teaching online.

The video below is an edited version of the webinar, questions and technical issues removed.

Here’s the slides from the presentation.

Sample pre-programmed announcement

[embeddoc url=”” download=”all” viewer=”google” ]

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