Tips and tricks to deter plagiarism

Now we have a break and the time to reflect on the last semester and plan for the next, it’s a good time to think about assessment design. This semester we had little time to plan for good online assessment practices, may I suggest that now is the time to make changes for next semester, so that assessment design is interwoven with the learning design, that it is designed to be assessment ‘as’ learning rather than assessment ‘of’ learning. If we can get the design right, it will help to deter the plagiarism we are so concerned about without invigilated exams. Good advice is to create a learning environment where students actually don’t need to cheat and that is one where the learning and the assessment are partners, that they work together, rather than something tacked on at the end. These quick tips for detering plagiarism may be helpful as you reconsider your next semester’s learning plan.