Helping students stay on track with a study plan

With the pivot to online learning, many students have struggled to stay on track and find it difficult to maintain engagement. To deter this disengagement, it is important to develop students’ metacognitive skills, to guide them in self-assessment, and to help them devise plans to stay on track with their learning. A recent study by Dr Chris Love at Griffith University, found that students were able to either maintain or increase their grades through the use of a study plan. If you are interested in reading Chris’ full case study on how he applied it and the success with his students, you may read it here in the PebblePad publication.

To this end, we have developed a study planning module and placed it in Canvas Commons so you may import into your course and guide your students in applying their own study plans. The study plan can either be applied simply as a planner for students to use with your encouragement and guidance, or, it could have a small grade attached to embed it as part of an assessment. In this case, the assessment would call for a reflective process between assessments, where students gauge their own input and how that has affected their performance and subsequently plan to improve their performance. The planner includes some methods for students to choose from to recap their learning.

If you would like to embed this into your courses, we suggest initially placing into your Sandbox and then you can copy into any course you like, it will remain in your Sandbox.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Canvas Commons (the 3rd last menu item in the outer menu in Canvas.
  2. Search for study plan; you will see the module “Paving your way to success: Your study plan”. Select this and you will see the option to Import into course on the right hand side, simply select your Sandbox or any course you would like to pop it into.
  3. The study plan menu will appear in your course.

Fig. 1 The Canvas Commons menu

Fig. 2 The study plan module