Deletion of a Question-bank question with an error from a quiz

Discovering an error in a quiz question after being completed by students gets even more complex if the question is originally from a question bank.

Deleting the question with the error from a quiz will throw out the gradebook for that quiz: the quiz total value reduces but keeps the student score unchanged.  In this example, a three question quiz value was reduced down to 2 after student had got all three questions marked correct:

The best option in this case is usually to wait until all of your students have submitted their quiz attempt, and then use SpeedGrader to go into each student’s attempt to give each affected student fudge points (no bulk ‘fudging’ Canvas feature was found).  Once the question has been deleted, then the only option is to ‘Fudge’ each student’s score:

If a quiz has received responses, a Quiz regrade will not be triggered when a question:

  • is linked to a question bank since questions may be used in more than one quiz
  • is neither true/false, multiple choice nor multiple answer
  • has answers added or deleted
  • is removed
  • has its point value is changed

Fixing questions:

Updating questions in a quiz that are drawn from a question bank will not update that same question in the question bank and vice versa – you will need to update it both on your quiz and in the question bank with that question.

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