TEQSA Webinars – Online Learning

TEQSA, in collaboration with RMIT, produced a weekly webinar series in May and June 2020 discussing online learning.

If you missed the webinars, descriptions and links to the webinars are below.

Session One: Getting started: best practice for establishing online learning

RMIT Online’s Dawn Gilmore PhD, in conversation with colleague Professor Claire Macken and James Adonopoulos PhD, sharing practical advice, ‘how to’s’, and ideas for practice in online learning for providers transitioning to online learning.

Session Two: Enabling staff to work in an online learning environment

Professor Claire Macken from RMIT in conversation with Trish Powers from Torrens University Australia and Dr Suneeti Rekhari from RMIT.

Session Three: Assessment integrity

RMIT Professor Claire Macken in conversation with Professor Belinda Tynan from RMIT University and Dr Margot McNeill from ICMS.

Session Four: Designing curriculum for an online environment

RMIT Professor Claire Macken in conversation with David Bowser from Curio and Brigitte Sloot from the Australian Institute of Business.

Session Five: Student experience and support

RMIT Professor Claire Macken in conversation with Tom Whitford from The University of Melbourne and Indumathi V from the Engineering Institute of Technology.

Session Six: Lessons learnt and looking to the future

RMIT Professor Claire Macken in conversation with Dr Dawn Gilmore from RMIT Online and Dr James Adonopoulos from Kaplan discussed lessons learnt throughout the past five webinars and what the future may look like.

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