Supporting students

To support students throughout the semester there are many opportunities to engage with students.


  • You can plan out your announcements, introducing weekly topics, focusing on skills or resources require assessments or additional support or workshops at different times through the semester.

Office hours or meeting times:

  • Have specific times allocated for students in each course to meet with you. You could manage this using
    • Canvas Scheduler – this identifies times on the Canvas Calendar so students can ‘sign up’ for a time with you
    • Microsoft Booking – Your availability auto populated from your outlook calendar and students can sign up to times
    • Having a scheduled Q&A session for the whole course in collaborate ultra or other tool.

Integrate resources:

  • Throughout your course at relevant times you could direct students off to support resources, library pages, workshops, credentials


Throughout the course, when there are opportunities for compassion and understanding – take them. If you enter a conversation with the believe there is good intention, rather than deceit or laziness positive outcomes for both you and your student can arise. Consider how you could incorporate elements of the pedagogy of kindness into your teaching.


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