Are you looking for global or industry experiences to bring into your virtual classroom?


With the decrease in global travel, RMIT and many of our existing exchange partners are looking for opportunities for students to engage internationally. Unfortunately study abroad is just not possible at present. With the inability to travel, many students and partner institutes are looking for different ways to integrate cultural exchanges into their courses and programs.


RMIT is also part of a global Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Network.

COIL projects connect classrooms with classrooms. You might want to work with another class who are in the same field as you – perhaps working together to solve a problem over the course of 2 sessions in a week. Or maybe you would like to work with a different profession – maybe nurses, pharmacists and other health professions can work together to explore some of the diversity in cultural needs around the world when collecting a patient’s medical history. Whether it is with the COIL network, or whether it is a virtual exchange with one of our partners, our RMIT Global Experience office can offer plenty of opportunities to enrich your virtual classroom.

Global distribution of partner organisations, a global map with markers indicating partner locations. Locations are distributed across the world, aligned to large English-speaking cities.
The COIL network


RMIT has a global network of exchange partners.


If   you’d like to explore opportunities for your students to collaborate with overseas partners, the RMIT Global Experience team have contacts in a number of institutes around the world.  These universities and industries are located around the world, with a high concentration in Europe, North America and Asia.

To express your interest in an online global partnership please complete this short survey.

RMIT subscribes to a range of services to help you find industry-based projects to use within your courses.

  • Riipen – a matching program for multi week projects with industry
  • Vollie – a matching program for multi week volunteer projects with Not for profit organisations.


If you’re interested in exploring any of these opportunities feel free to discuss them with your academic developer, or you can contact Howard Errey or Linda Rust from RMIT Global Experiences directly.