Closed captions and permissions

Having invested in making wonderful micro lectures, and video resources to support students, wouldn’t it be great if all your students could benefit from these videos?


Closed captions have been shown to support student with audio processing difficulties, students with English as an additional language, and students trying to study and not distract their whole household.

There are now automated way you can create highly accurate closed captions for your video files.

Canvas Studios:

Once you have uploaded your video file into Canvas Studio:

  • Go to the location you plan to embed your video.
  • Edit the page
  • In the menu – find the blue downward pointing arrow
  • Select studio
  • Pick the relevant file
  • Select allow Comments, and display download option.

This allows students to immediately engage with any questions you ask, provide commentary or seek clarification while watching the video. Having the download option turned on allows students to manage their download timing – they may have peak and off peak data limitations, or may be going to the local library to access the internet.

  • Then select embed.
  • You should now see the video on the page, and below the video there are 4 tabs (Details, Comments, Insights, Captions).
  • Select the Captions option.
  • From the drop down list select English (or the language the video file has been recorded in).
  • Select Request

This asks the algorithms to translate your voice into text, and creates the closed captions for you.

  • Once the file has processed (definitely within 24 hours, but it might be as fast as twice as long as the video file is – for a 5 min video it may take 10 minutes) you will have the option to review and correct the transcript, before you select publish and make it available on the video file.
  • For students, once you have published the file – they are able to access it using the CC button near the sound, speed and size options.

If you don’t have an opportunity to correct the transcript before publishing it, if you have comments on you are able to ask students to help you identify any problems with the closed captions – which you will be able to correct.

Screen shot of Canvas Studios with Caption tab selected

If you would like any support or need assistance, please contact and we will be happy to help.

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