Collaborate Ultra: new whiteboard features expected 6 August


Collaborate Ultra whiteboard updates:

  • Better formatting: Pencil thickness, fonts and font size, shapes with color fill, arrows, and more are added to the annotation tools.
  • Usability: It’s easier to copy and reuse elements and paste text. You can now erase part of the annotations or clear all.
  • Interaction with breakout groups: You can annotate a file in the main room and then share it with the breakout groups including annotations.
  • Annotation persistence: Annotations made to the whiteboard, or on a file, are saved in the session. You can share something new, go to a new slide, or stop sharing. The annotations remain. Select Clear Annotations to remove them all.

New Secure Recordings feature:

  • Public access to recordings is now off by default for new sessions.  Instructors can choose to allow public access in the Recording Settings. Anybody with the link can view the recording while public access is allowed.