Can open textbooks improve social justice outcomes for your students?

Do you want free, digital textbooks at no cost to your students? Do you want local content relevant to your students?  Has Covid-19 encouraged you to use open digital textbooks?

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RMIT Library is supporting a Deakin-led national research study investigating the potential of open textbooks to act as social justice for under-represented learners in the Australian University context. We invite you to participate in this anonymous survey about digital textbooks and learning materials including their cost, accessibility and suitability for the Australian multi-cultural context.

About the survey

The survey is part of the Open Textbooks as Social Justice: National Scoping Study. Open Textbooks are a recent innovation in free, digital texts that can be distributed at no cost; printed at cost-price; and modified for local needs, such as to correct gender, socio-cultural and indigenous under-representations in the curriculum.

This survey is designed to collect information about any digital textbook or learning materials practice that may have changed due to COVID-19 teaching online. The survey website outlines information about the project, your participation, how the data will be used and stored. For more information about the project, see the project website. 

Optional interview for experienced OER users

As part of this research, we are keen to hear from RMIT staff who are experienced in the use or adaptation of open textbooks. To register your interest in an interview, please contact Frank Ponte at RMIT University Library

To find and adopt open educational textbooks, visit the RMIT led Open Textbook Initiative


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