New – Canvas Feature Releases

Have you noticed anything different in Canvas since the most recent update on 18 July? The following features can now all be found in Canvas:

  • Rubrics in the course navigation menu
  • Assignment submission attempts (for ‘online’ assignments only)
  • Module file upload enhancements
  • Dashboard to show published and unpublished courses
  • Mute notifications by course and course-level notification preferences
  • Assignment bulk editing and enhancements
  • Direct share capability

Find out what you can do with each of these features in the Canvas Feature Release notes.


New Course and User Analytics replaces the previous course and user analytics functionality. It is currently available as an opt-in feature at RMIT and will be enforced by Canvas in December 2020. This feature will help you to:

  • view average course grade analytics, and compare by assignment, section (class) or student
  • view average weekly online participation analytics, and compare by student or section(s)
  • message students based on specific course grade or online participation criteria
  • view course grade and online participation for an individual student

Follow the instructions below to opt in now:

  1. Navigate to your course in Canvas.
  2. Select Settings from your global navigation menu.
  3. Select the Feature Options panel at the top of the page.
  4. Scroll down and find New Course and User Analytics.
  5. Enable the feature by turning on the green tick.

Read more about the New analytics release at RMIT.

Source: Canvas at RMIT newsletter

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