Captions in Teams recordings (or Stream)

After you have recorded your teams meeting the recording becomes available in stream. (note whoever presses record gets the permissions for the final file).

Once processed (usually less than 15 mins) the file appears in the channel (or chat) where the meeting occurred.

Follow the link and access the file in Stream.

screenshot of Stream menu
In stream, you video files are sorted into the categories. Recordings from Teams Meetings end up in Meetings.


If you recorded the meeting from teams – it will appear under meetings. The recording by default gets its names from the channel, or meeting details.

In the stream – there are two key things – one is sharing the other is transcription.

Within steam – edit the file

Depending upon what screen you are either click the three dots, then ‘update video details’ or click the pencil to edit


Screenshot of Video settings in Stream
Set the language, manage the sharing, and request transcripts in the video details menu.

In the first panel,

  1. You can rename the file (if required)
  2. Set the video language to English (if you set your language in teams you will not have to update this every time).

In the middle panel

  1. Set up sharing. If you are going t share the file with your entire class, consider setting permissions to “anyone in the organisation”

In the last panel

  1. Tick the button to auto-generate captions. This will take a little while (20-30 mins). Accuracy for my transcripts tends to be over 85%, but this depends on sound quality, accent and vocabulary.

Then click apply (at the top) or publish.


If you are using the automated transcripts which you haven’t checked yet, let students know and provide an avenue for them to provide feedback – a dedicated discussion forum, share form, web document or something else which works for you. This helps improve the transcripts, and allows you to make the corrections efficiently.


As always if you want some assistance with this or other teaching and learning questions, contact us at

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