#DryLabsDownUnder is an ideas exchange forum that was inspired by colleagues from the UK. A team from University of Oxford started #DryLabs20 and Dino Spagnoli is hosting the Australian and New Zealand equivalent.

Our very own Sylvia Urban, School of Science, recently presented the work she has undertaken during COVID19 to adopt an agile approach to creating and delivering online chemistry laboratories. Sylvia’s presentation starts at 4.18 mins into the recording below.

The video below is an example of one of the many videos made.

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Meet Sylvia Urban

For those of you who don’t already know Sylvia, Sylvia is well known for her innovation in chemistry teaching at RMIT. She implemented a pen-enabled cloud-based solution, with the aim to provide students with an enhanced anywhere, anytime experience for their learning which in turn improved student feedback as a result. Sylvia was awarded in 2019 a National Teaching Award for her innovation in the area of pen-enabled technologies and completely changing the lecturing experience for her and her students; step into her lecture room and you’ll instantly see her students deeply engaged as, armed with a tablet and digital pen, she immerses them in the complex world of chemistry. Sylvia’s award acknowledges her own innovative practices but she is also celebrated for her dedication to mentoring and developing new practitioners and to establishing a growing community of practice. For more information on Sylvia’s work in this area, view the paper below: