Improving student engagement and the GTS in the online environment

Improving engagement and enhancement of online learning

In this last semester as we pivoted to online learning, many changes were made to how we deliver our courses. With little time to focus on designing the best online learning environment it was expected that some things would work well, others not so well. With the GTS recently released for our first fully online semester, it is time to reflect on what we learned and plan how to move forward to offer the best online learning experience.

We have prepared a document that provides an overview of the types of things that could provide a focus for enhancement, starting with some generic themes you may wish to concentrate on and moving to some more specific and detailed ideas that marry with the GTS feedback. Look through the themes, then we would like you to reflect on your online learning design/student feedback and then set yourself some goals for enhancement. The document attached below will guide you in selecting your themes and your own goals, this can be done on your own or you can request to work with one of the SEH academic developers for guidance in reaching your goals. Note contacts below.

Generic themes for online learning reflections

After reflecting on last semester, choose a theme for something you would like to work on this semester. We’d advise one or two themes initially, trying to do too much at once will be too stressful and not necessarily make the learning environment a better one; look over these themes to get you started.

  • Assessment design and CLO alignment
  • Content design and CLO alignment
  • Canvas shell design
  • Marking – Rubrics and Moderation
  • Online Presentation skills
  • Learning materials/activity design
  • Online session engagement
  • Managing online presence
  • Creating online engagement and discussions
  • Creating engagement with readings
  • Course management

Once you have selected a theme, read through our detailed ideas for enhancement as well as the goal setting document here.

Contacts for assistance:

School of Engineering:

School of Health and Biomedical Sciences:

School of Science: