Student Stories Episode 2

Episode 2: (New) Rules of Engagement

Student Stories is a collection of resources designed in collaboration with students from the In2Science programme. Together, we have produced some short videos and activities which can be used by teaching staff to explore and understand how students are travelling during this extended period of remote and online learning.

In Episode 2, the students talk about how they are engaging with their course in new or different ways. How do they use online materials, what is it like being in live sessions and how do they stay connected with their friends? Click the link below to hear their reflections and then consider using one of the suggested activities to open up conversations with your own students about their engagement approaches.

All students are currently trained and active mentors in the award winning In2science program. The program places STEM students from RMIT into underrepresented high school classrooms to build student pathways, inspirations and aspirations into STEM.

Activity 1: Three Words

The ‘Three Words’ activity is great to use as an ice-breaker in a live session or at the start of a new topic/segment of the curriculum – you simply set a question and ask students to add three words in response. If you set the activity up (for free) via , you can create a word-cloud out of everyone’s responses – this is a great way to identify emergent issues or student concerns.  Have a go yourself now by adding 3 words that you’d use to describe engaging online…

Activity 2: Video discussion (Flipgrid)

Flipgrid is a great alternative to text-based discussion boards – students can record a quick video with their computer or phone and upload it to the class board. It is so simple to use and can be used in a range of different contexts – it’s no surprise that a growing number of SEH staff are getting great student engagement with this approach!  Try it yourself now – click  on the box below, select ‘Join with Microsoft’ and use your RMIT login to join or go straight to Flipgrid.  Record a short (2 mins max) video of yourself talking about your best and/or worse experience of engaging students online – upload it and enjoy watching other people’s contributions! Tip: You might need to enable popups in Chrome to access your microphone/camera.

Flipgrid resources