Solutions Lab 22: Different ways of using visual resources (video and images) to teach clinical practice

For our allied health students, the opportunity to see and touch another person’s body – be it a patient or a classmate – in a clinical setting is a crucial part of their educational and professional development. Students fully understand the benefits of clinical practice and are concerned that they might lose important skills in this period of extended lockdown. So, teams are under great pressure to discover what can be done in the online environment to replace or simulate clinical practice experiences and help students develop their confidence without access to patient or peer volunteers.

In this session, Amanda Kimpton (SHBS) explains how the Chiropractic team have been using visual resources (videos and images) to help students develop their clinical assessment and treatment skills. She shows how they have adapted their existing collection of video demonstrations to create shorter ‘chunked’ clips which can be integrated much more effectively into live (synchronous) sessions and asynchronous learning activities like quizzes and tests. She reflected on how this approach has transformed their classes in Collaborate Ultra and improved students’ engagement with the formative feedback opportunities in Canvas. She also showed examples of the visual resources developed, shared the feedback from students and highlighted some of the practical challenges encountered by the team. As we move into Semester 2, Amanda and her team will be exploring further the use of student-generated visual resources.

The video below is an edited version of the webinar Amanda conducted, technical glitches and Q&A removed.

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