Creating Canvas Quiz Questions

Did you know the learning enhancement team can help you convert an existing word document into a Canvas quiz? In this  Sister post we looked at some of the different questions types you can use in a Quiz.

This semester the Learning Enhancement team have access to a tool known as Respondus (not to be confused with the lockdown browser or monitoring system produced by the same company). Respondus allows us to import a variety of questions styles from word documents or text documents and output them into your canvas course, in a reasonably efficient way.

If you haven’t made your test yet – please consider using the formatting outline here and we can automate the canvas quiz creation for you, if you have already created your test – consider adding the answers in a list at the end .   If you’ve already created or curated your questions, we can take care of reformatting your document and uploading it to Canvas.

Here are some pictures to demonstrate how to structure an MCQ for upload, but the LET can help with the formatting if required.

Question formatting

Each question must begin with a question number, followed by either a period “.” or a parentheses “)” and a space.  The question wording must follow the question number. (Note: at least one space should be between the question number and the question wording.) Each answer must begin with a letter (A-Z) followed by a period “.” or a parentheses “)”, a space, and the answer wording.
Note the question number, should be followed with a dot “.” or left parenthesis “)” to indicate it is a new question


Answer formatting

Option 1: per question

Include a * before the letter indicator for the correct MCQ answer
Use a * to indicate the correct answer

If you’re editing in a word document and using automated numbering this takes a bit of effort to try an remove the automated formatting. Option 2 might be an easier option in that case.

Option 2: in a single list

The second option is to place a list of correct answers at the end of the file. The list must begin<br /> with the word “Answers:” and the answers should start on the following line (no blank lines are<br /> allowed). Note that any text after the answer list will be ignored.<br /> Answers: (new line)<br /> 1. A (number dot or close bracket then answer)
Example of how to include answer at the end of the document. In this example question 5 is a fill in the blank, and you can see there are multiple acceptable responses to the question, these have all been indicated on different lines. 


If you’re not sure what type of questions you can ask using Canvas Quiz, the opportunities are mostly endless – talk to your academic developer or and we can help you redesign your assessment to make the process efficient for both your student and your marking team.

As always when using a new tool for a high stakes consider offering students an opportunity to ‘practice’ before they use it for the actual test. The practice test might be practice both in terms of theory and technology or may simply be a practice of using the technology. By offering a practice test for students you increase their ability to perform to their expectations in the assessment task, rather than completing the tasks when they have high anxiety levels.


If you’d like to use this service, please reach out to in the first instance and we will discuss your specific needs. At the moment we are able to turn questions into quizzes within 3 days and it will always be within 7 days.