Teaching Together : Celebrating 25 Solutions Lab Sessions!

This week we hosted our 25th Solutions Lab. In this short film, teaching staff from across the college tell the Solutions Labs story, sharing their experiences as presenters and participants over the last 6 months (click on the image below to play).

What started off with just one amazing person volunteering to share some tips and tricks for online teaching, is now a weekly programme of events supported by a superb collection of online resources and a thriving community of teachers. Its success is entirely down to the imagination and dedication of our teaching staff – thank you to everyone who has been involved!

Note: The Solutions Lab presenters featured in the film created their own video via Flipgrid. Unfortunately we couldn’t include all their insights on presenting their innovations via Solutions Lab, you can however explore the Flipgrid mixtape below to see their full videos.

If you have attended one or more Solutions Lab sessions we’d love to receive your feedback as well, feel free to add to our Flipgrid topic , all you need to do is login using your RMIT username/password (click the Microsoft login) click on the record a response button and follow the prompts.

If you are interested in being a Solutions Lab presenter please contact Natasha Taylor or Lisa Curran.

If you would like more information on how you can use Flipgrid in your teaching contact your school’s SEH ADG Academic Developer: