Solutions Lab 26: Online Tutorials – Thinking beyond a ’Q&A’

Teaching online has made us think about how we design and deliver classes. As we struggle to make timetables, curricula and technology work in the virtual world, some important questions emerge: What needs to be ‘live’? What does ‘active learning’ look like? How do we know students are getting a deep understanding of the material? In STEMM disciplines, this has challenged us to reconsider, and in some cases reshape, the traditional models of the lecture, lab and tutorial.

In this session, Nicky Eshtiaghi (School of Engineering) described how she has transformed her heat and mass transfer course, using a range of different approaches (including chunked lectures, flipped learning and live annotation) to cater for different student needs and preferences. She will demonstrate the scaffolded assessment tools and virtual lab/instrument simulations which she has developed to motivate students to get ‘hands-on’ with the material in advance of tutorials, allowing her to put collaborative problem-solving at the heart of her live tutorial classes. She’ll describe how students interact in these sessions, consolidating their understanding of the theoretical concepts rather than just seeking confirmation of the right (or wrong) answer.

The video below is the edited recording of Nicky’s session, Q&A and technical glitches removed.

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