SEH Learning & Teaching showcase and panel discussion

Earlier this week, the Science, Engineering and Health learning and teaching community came together to celebrate and showcase our College’s L&T innovations (click here to re-view the event recording). While we have numerous examples of innovative practice in online and remote learning and teaching across the College, the event showcased 5 examples via video, followed by a panel discussion comprising SEH staff and students.

Held together by the theme of ‘connections’, Assoc Prof Tom Steiner introduced the innovations amidst tumultuous times, the first of which was Varinder (Viny) Sohi. The Associate Degree in Aviation faced a major challenge this year with the sudden move to online learning. Viny spoke about how the challenge of engaging students in an online environment was met (and solved) with great results. 

Assoc Prof Nicolas Menicucci has been transforming the way quantum physics is taught to first year students, exposing them to difficult mathematical tools and concepts in the earliest stages of their learning journey. Nick showcased creating a homemade document camera to present both a video of him as well as the scribing of mathematical problems and concepts. 

Dr Danielle Baxter talked about how the Osteopathy team, with assistance and guidance from the College Learning Enhancement Team, developed a live streaming mechanism for their practical sessions. This emulates what students would study face to face, including interaction with their lecturers and the ability to ask and get their questions answered in real time. 

Like many others, Dr Abdulghani Mohamed faced a challenge to pivot a very hands-on course from face to face to online delivery in the middle of teaching Semester 1.  He outlined some surprise learnings about online engagement and assessment from the experience – which he wants to keep as part of his teaching practice, regardless of there being a new ‘Covid-normal’ or not. 

Nic Connelly integrated a video editing app, Flipgrid, into her course. She talked about how Flipgrid created a sense of belonging and comradeship for the student cohort and how it helped the students develop their communication and presentation skills. 

Following these video presentations, Prof Colin Kestell facilitated a lively and engaging panel, comprising staff members Dr Tamara Paravicini, Dr Jayani Chandrapala and students Flynn Magazowski and Ashlyn Kennedy. Each presented unique perspectives on how they have been ‘connecting’. The staff members spoke about connections with industry, through placements and WIL activities and globally, such as with international students, both on and off shore. The students spoke about engaging in FIRE activities, completing final year group activities with students in other countries, and insights on student experiences of completing the final year in a heavily lab-based course. Questions posed by the audience ranged from strengthening learning and teaching partnerships, particularly with students’ managing workloads and meaningfully engaging with students in conversation. Transformation and partnerships remained recurrent themes. 

Thank you to all our inspiring staff and students, across the College.        

For those unable to attend, you can click here to re-view the event recording.