Upcoming Webinar – SL 28: Building a strong feedback approach for Research Methods teaching

18 September 2020 at 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

The move to online teaching has led to some great innovations in assessment practice across the college; staff have made creative changes, giving hundreds of students a more personalised, inclusive and engaging assessment experience. For many teaching teams, this has also led to a refreshment of their feedback strategy, drawing on educational research and student perceptions (via CES or other mechanisms) to ensure that students receive feedback that is regular, timely, specific, personal and developmental.

In this session, Nevena Todorova (School of Engineering) will explore these issues through the lens of her postgraduate Research Methods course. As part of what she describes as a ‘smorgasbord’ of new practices (many of which she has adapted from previous Solutions Labs), Nevena has built an online course which is accessible, media rich and built on learning community principles. One of the biggest challenges has been to move the presentation-based assessment to the online and virtual context – for many students, the idea presenting to camera on a subject they already find difficult is a daunting prospect! Recognising this, Nevena has focussed closely on ensuring that feedback is delivered in a way which is kind, motivating and helps them to learn. She will reflect on how the students have engaged with the new approach and how peer review across the marking team has helped to ensure consistency and fairness.

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