This Week’s Webinars – Solutions Lab 37 & 38

SL 37 Learning Reflection, Teaching Reflection and Reflecting on Teaching

Tue, 10 November 2020 9:00 AM – 10:00

In this session, Sam Grover (School of Science) will share the approaches she has developed to help her students learn through reflection. She’ll show how she uses workshop sessions and weekly activities to slowly build students’ understanding and confidence, enabling them to complete the course with a deeper understanding of both the subject and their emerging identities as environmental science students. Throughout the session, Sam will give examples of the students work, illustrating the challenges she has faced during the lockdown period and offering some creative solutions. She’ll also share how this pedagogy has shaped her own reflective practice and identity as a teacher, scholar and professional.  We are hoping that Sam will be able to encourage one of the students to join the discussion. Come along and get some inspiration for embedding reflection in your courses for 2021!

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SL 38 Immersive with Sharks: Adventures in Simulation Design

Thu, 12 November 2020 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

In this session, Mladenko Kajtaz will show how he has successfully used simulated learning in his online Mechanical Engineering course (220 students). He’ll show how has developed an assessment strategy which mimics two employment scenarios over the semester, teaching students to handle uncertainty and work collaboratively to find creative solutions to real world problems:

·         A consultancy example (where students provide a solution to a well-defined problem) and

·         A start-up company pitching to a ‘Shark Tank’ panel (students develop a product based on their own definitions of the problem scenario )

Through a tour of his course, he will show how the team have effectively developed a space for groups to work together during tutorials, using more than 50 channels in Teams to replicate the physical classroom. He’ll explain how the Shark Tank worked online, sharing some examples of the students’ ‘pitch’ videos which were curated using Flipgrid. He’ll also reflect on how the tutors were immersed in the simulation experience, acting as facilitators (much like managers in a real work scenario) and ‘Sharks’, developing a sophisticated marking process which included student/peer voting.

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