[X-post] Feb 2021 – New ability for Course Coordinators to publish and unpublish courses on Canvas

[X-Post from Stuff you need to know – 10 December 2020]

By February 2021, Course and Program Coordinators will have the ability to manage the publication of their courses on Canvas, bringing RMIT in line with how other universities manage course release.  This will grant Course and Program Coordinators more flexibility in how they would like to approach planning and preparation for future study periods.

Staff identified as the “Course Administrator” in SAMS will automatically be added to the new “Course Coordinator” role in Canvas which enables these new functions.

Ten per cent of “Course Administrator” data in SAMS is missing or incorrect. Schools are encouraged to review and keep this updated so Course and Program Coordinators can access the publishing function when it’s released.

More information will be shared with staff in January 2021.

Editors note: This allows students to clearly see who is the Course Coordinator, distinct from other teachers.  Therefore, updating SAMS with the latest Course Coordinator information will be really important for students.