Cheating in online assessment

HERDSA recently held a webinar on online cheating and methods to reduce the incidence; if you missed it, here is a link to the recording –

I highly recommend you watch the whole thing but if you don’t have the time, I’ll reiterate here some hints to reduce cheating:

  • Prepare your students well for their assessments, giving plenty of time in synchronous sessions to discussing and doing activities that will assist their assessment response
  • Ensure they truly understand what constitutes cheating, tell stories of past incidences
  • Design authentic assessments that mirror workplace activities that require more individual responses
  • Consider ePortfolios or workbooks where students collect evidence over time
  • Design learning activities around the assessment, students will be more confident when they get to assessment
  • Seek higher order thinking skills and application of knowledge in your assessment design that can’t be found on Google
  • If you ask knowledge questions, ask students to upload their workings or explain how they got to the answer in a short answer response (or supply short video or workings)

Contact the Capability Development Team if you need assistance with assessment design.