Solutions Labs


Solutions Lab is a programme of collaborative sessions led by our ‘Collaborators’ – 
teachers who have something very simple, accessible and practical to share. 

Solutions Lab 13 – Time Saving Tips for Teaching Online

Jess Danaher’s (School of Science) courses follow flipped and blended models, ideal for online environments. In this session, Jess took us through her toolbox of time-freeing hacks. She gave a crash course on the simple editing software she uses to make quick...

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Let’s Celebrate – Solutions Labs

Last week saw the completion of our 10th Solutions Lab session and we thought this the perfect time to extend a big ‘Thankyou!’ to everyone who has engaged with the initiative so far. Solutions Labs started back in March when the physical campus closed. Homy...

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Could you be a Solutions Lab Collaborator?

All you need is the story – an idea, approach or experience that you think other people would benefit from. No idea is too small – indeed the simpler, the better!  We will be on hand to help co-host the session and produce the slides/resources etc.

This is a great opportunity to come together as a community and generate resources and conversations that are useful and valued.  Join us and let’s see what we can create together!

Email Natasha Taylor or Lisa Curran if you are interested in running a session.