Solutions Lab 12 – Providing rich & quality feedback via OneNote

Evidence shows that students and teachers can benefit from providing real time feedback. Teachers can instantly identify knowledge gaps and provide more emphasis on topics where it is needed. Real-time feedback informs the student on the current task whilst also

How do you engage students with their readings?

One of the perennial issues in education is how to encourage students to engage with their readings.  Often, students do not complete set readings or do not understand the connections between weekly readings and course learning outcomes. This results in

Collaborative Reading – Working together to increase the impact and value of reading.

You may remember Harry Potter having an annotated potions book in the Half-blood prince. The side notes and extra tips provided helped him master complex potions, and avoid common mistakes. Imagine if you and your students could transform readings share

Solutions Lab 10 – Twist & Flip: Creating a great ‘lecture’ experience online

Evidence shows that students can struggle to engage with lecture videos online. Whilst it is true that recordings allow students to set their own pace and review difficult topics, many report that watching a 1 or 2 hour recording can

Solutions Lab 8- Using Paralinguistic digital cues (textisms, likes, GIFs, emoticons and emoji) to strengthen connection and engagement with your students

The perceived lack of psychological closeness and absence of social cues in the online context creates challenges that may not exist in face-to-face learning. However, the online context also affords unique opportunities to use technology to connect and relate to