Webinar Recordings


You will find below links to all recorded webinars for 2019-2020. Times are included to help plan your listening.
Please let us know if there are any sessions you would like us to run (email seh.adg.let@rmit.edu.au).

Latest Webinars & Supporting Resources

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Past Recordings

  1. Rubrics (Time 49mins)
  2. Learning anywhere: The webinar (Time 53mins)
  3. Communicating positive feedback in health workplaces (Time 57mins)
  4. Muddiest Point (Time 28.14mins)
  5. Using Twitter & Instagram to enhance teaching & learning (Time 31.35mins)
  6. H5P Getting started (33mins)
  7. Echo 360 – Editing & Chunking Lecture Recordings (Time 22.30mins)
  8. Flipgrid & Padlet – Alternate discussion boards (Time 32mins)
  9. Enhancing learning and increasing the GTS (Time 40mins)
  10. Preparing for teaching your first class (Time 48mins)
  11. Telling your story: Building a narrative in Canvas (Time 50mins) – due to technical issue please find the complete slides here.
  12. Block delivery for Vietnam: Authentic assessment, assessment design, course mapping, and lesson planning. (51mins)
  13. Improve Lecture Attendance and Student Feedback with Classroom Engagement Tools. (26mins)
  14. Collaborate Ultra (22mins)
  15. Assessment in online learning (53 mins)