What: Requesting resources for your courses

The Library collections teams purchase resources for Library collections that reflect the teaching, learning and research requirements of the University dependent on the availability of funds.

They will buy digital versions of information resources in preference to print versions. The benefits of digital resources include equitable, 24/7 access regardless of Library opening hours, multiple simultaneous access to resources, and the ability to integrate them into online course content.

As an RMIT staff member you can recommend relevant resources to add to the Library collection here: Library purchase requests

It is very important to nominate your course textbooks early to make them available for students in the Library and at the bookstore. You can submit your requests here: Textbook requests  



Access to textbooks is a critical issue for students and the Library really needs your support and information to enable this. You can enable equitable and timely access to textbooks by identifying digital versions. Our Library collections will be a best fit if they are co-developed with input from you and we highly value your suggestions and recommendations.



Follow the links above to access information or contact the library staff for help and support.