The following form will serve as your template and guide to preparing to teach concurrently. 

Lesson Plan Template (Class Name) Date: 19/03/2021 Time: 9.00am 
PRE-CLASS – Distribute a short, sharp video to all students via all communication channels usedContent should includeimportant dates, key points from upcoming classreinforcement of earlier classes, include answers to any queries raised since the last class  
Welcome (10 minutes )

  • Class procedures – cameras always on, sound muted, raise hand to speak 
  • Any questions?  
Recap of previous class (10 minutes)

  • Consider doing this as a call-in beat the buzzer style quiz or in Teams Forms 
  • Reminder include students from all locations 
  • Discuss any questions or concerns raised in the Canvas discussion page  
Topics covered today (10 minutes)

  • Outline today’s class and learning outcomes covered 
  • Anecdote relating your experience to the day’s lesson 
  • Add notes …. Build strategies to…work all the rooms  
Assessment overview (10 minutes)

  • Always explain the assessment (share the Assessment Briefand discuss the rubric and grading before assessment. 
  • Allow a Q&A post assessment  
Organise breakout rooms and chats between students from all locations (25 minutes)

  • During this time, you should have some time exclusively with on and off campus students 
Class exercise (40 minutes)

  • Develop a series of videos to be inserted into the lesson, could be filmed on your phone at a relevant industry event, display, gallery etc. 
  • Allow students to submit videos of interest. 
  • If the session can be; informative, entertaining and fun – do it, reading and other exercises can be built into the week’s activity in Canvas. 
  • Reminder address all students 
5 minutes to spare 


How will you run each session?  

If Canvas is set up properly your class time may become more of a Q&A, ideas sharing, prep session that reinforces what is on Canvas. 


What should your Canvas shell include? 

  • Assuming your course already meets the 14 Elements, consider updating to include the further 6 Uplift elements 
  • A Canvas course aligned to all or most of the 20 elements will contain all the information for a student to study remotely, then you use concurrent class time to inform, engage and build relationships between you and the students. 
  • Learning outcomes detailed in the shell and aligned to assessments and rubrics.