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Check-back workshop

The check-back workshop is the final opportunity for all groups to get together, and provides a deadline for project work to be complete.

The goals of the workshop are to:

  • Provide each group with a time to share their achievements
  • Gather reflections on the process from all participants, ideally with suggestions for how things could be done different next semester / year
  • Celebrate the success of the projects overall

How much time is required?

This workshop will depend on how much time you allocate to each project group, how many groups you have, and how you choose to gather people’s reflections. If you choose to you a discussion-based activity for the reflections, you will need more time, whereas an individual survey may be a faster way to collect these.

Workshop resources

Check-back workshop plan example (Word) – This is an example of a workshop plan for checking in with your project teams at the end of your project timeline. Adjust this plan and the timings for what fits your group’s needs and availability.

Potential questions for survey final workshop (Word) – These are some potential questions you could use as part of the final workshop, if you choose to use a survey rather than discussion-based activity at the workshop.


Other approaches and resources

Approaches for reviewing projects

Approaches for reviewing projects

Whether you are half-way through your projects, or have arrived at the end point, it’s useful to do activities that help people reflect on the process and identify what could be done differently next time.

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