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Check-in workshop

Because groups will manage their own project timelines and activities, the check-in workshop is an important opportunity to provide a date towards groups can work, and a time for the various groups to share their progress and get support if required.

The goals of the workshop are to:

  • Have each project team share an update on their progress to date, and potentially get feedback from the other project teams
  • Discuss what is working and what is not (this could be done as a whole group, in the individual project teams, or in cross-project groups)
  • Plan the next steps for each team

For the facilitators, this workshop is an opportunity to find out what kinds of resources or support might be useful for project teams, or to help identify any challenges that specific teams are having.

One option to help identify issues with the partnership projects is to anonymously survey the project team members in advance of the workshop, and then discuss the survey results as a group, and troubleshoot any issues that have emerged as themes across the responses.

This session is an excellent time to identify ongoing challenges, but also to celebrate some of the what’s working, and the project and personal outcomes that people are working towards.


How much time is required?

Depending on how many project teams are reporting, and how much dialogue you intend to facilitate, you may want to allocate anywhere from 60 minutes to two hours for this workshop.

Workshop resources

Check-in workshop plan example (Word) – This is an example of a workshop plan for checking in with your project teams about half-way through your project timeline. Adjust this plan and the timings for what fits your group’s needs and availability.

Potential questions for survey check-in (Word) – These are some potential questions you could use as part of your check-in time, if you choose to use a survey rather than discussion-based activity at the workshop.


Other approaches and resources

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