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July Professional Development
This July we are focussing on sessions to assist you in preparing your blended learning and assessment for semester 2. We look forward to seeing you there. Upcoming Events for July Se (More)
Cheating in online assessment
HERDSA recently held a webinar on online cheating and methods to reduce the incidence; if you missed it, here is a link to the recording - https:// (More)
Anatomy of an Assessment
"A map is not the territory it represents" (Korzybski, 1958, p58). Polish-American scientist and philosopher Alfred Korzybski famously remarked. Korzybski proceeds to caution against confusing a word with the object it represents. Failing to dive dee (More)
15 October RMIT Creds badges moves to YourAcclaim.com
The RMIT Creds badge platform, Credly, is being changed over to it’s new service Acclaim.com between 11pm, Thursday 15 October -  11pm, Saturday 17th. The main impact is during the change: RMIT Creds can be completed but processing of Student (More)
Transforming Assessment Webinar
Next webinar 2 Sep 2020: "iLearn Insights: monitoring student engagement and enabling personalised messages" This session explores an analytics toolset for timely online teaching intervention. The application titled "iLearn Insights" was designed to (More)
Converting an in class test to online
Do you have an in class test that needs to be converted to online? Depending on the type of the test you should be able to use the Canvas quiz tool to conduct your in class test online. What are Canvas quizzes? Quizzes in Canvas are assignments th (More)
Solutions Lab 20: Converting design & build assessments for distance learning
Many design-based STEM courses incorporate a practical project which requires students to design, build and test a product/artefact for the course assessment. Often, the assessment culminates in a live competition event which brings students together (More)
Transforming Assessment Webinars
1) NEW event!: Online seminar 6 July 2020: "Paradigm Shift for Assessment" An afternoon starting at Hong Kong time 2:30pm (06:30am universal time, 7:30am UK Summer, 4:30pm Eastern Australia). Hosted by the Academic Study Institute, a joint proj (More)
Deletion of a Question-bank question with an error from a quiz
Discovering an error in a quiz question after being completed by students gets even more complex if the question is originally from a question bank. Deleting the question with the error from a quiz will throw out the gradebook for that quiz: the q (More)
Information about SparkPLUS has been relocated - click on link below
https://rmiteduau.sharepoint.com/sites/SEHStaffSite/SitePages/adg-sparkplus.aspx (More)
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