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What is Collaborate Ultra - Flexible learning part 4
Collaborate Ultra is a real time video conferencing tool that enables users to add files, share applications, conduct polls and use a virtual whiteboard to interact. This tool, can be used to enable dynamic interactivity for online students. Collab (More)
Engaging students in online discussions
I hear many comments from teaching staff that students don't contribute to Discussion Boards or to online classroom discussions. This can be for a variety of reasons; one of the first being that they need to feel comfortable; that it is a safe place (More)
Sustaining Student Interactions in Large Scale Collaborate Ultra Sessions
A large scale session in Collaborate Ultra is one with more than 250 but fewer than 500 participants. Coll (More)
Large Collaborate Ultra Sessions with 250+ Students
Course coordinators with large number of students in Collaborate Ultra sessions are experiencing some connectivity, stability and presentation issues.  The issues include: Large CU sessions crashing Presenters locked out (before or after a cr (More)
Help! I’ve got a large class and want do a live session.
If you have a very large cohort >250 students, you might experience some challenges with getting student engagement and following the chat messages during live online sessions. Here are some ideas which might help: 1. Creating a separate space t (More)
Privacy notice for virtual classroom sessions
All students should be made aware that virtual classroom sessions (e.g., Collaborate Ultra sessions) are recorded. We advise that the following notice be posted (attached) as a course announcement and placed somewhere prominent in your Canvas course, (More)
Preparing for your breakout room activities
Breakout rooms are wonderful to engage students in activities and it is well researched that active learning plays an important part in student engagement and learning. They can also be a bit of a disaster if we haven't thought through every move bef (More)
Collaborate Ultra: new whiteboard features expected 6 August
From: https://help.blackboard.com/Collaborate/Ultra/Administrator/Release_Notes Collaborate Ultra whiteboard updates: (More)
Collaborate Ultra Breakouts: group switching quirk
Issue: Attendees in Breakout Groups can be temporarily prevented from switching groups by a moderator - even with the [x] Allow attendees to switch groups is switched on.More)
So now what? The move from content delivery to collaborative learning
Many teaching staff used Collaborate Ultra for the first time this semester and it came with many challenges for some. So far their learning journey has been simply dealing with the tool to deliver content online and everyone has done a fabulous job (More)
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