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SEH Learning & Teaching showcase and panel discussion
Earlier this week, the Science, Engineering and Health learning and teaching community came together to celebrate and showcase our College's L&T innovations (click here to re-view the event recording). W (More)
Solutions Lab 24: Turning Break-Out Rooms into Effective Collaborative Work Spaces
Many STEMM courses include an opportunity for students to work together in small teams to produce, deliver and peer-assess a presentation. However, finding an effective online space for groups to work in is not easy, especially if the activity is par (More)
Solutions Lab 4 - Using Flipgrid (Video Discussion Board)
"Fipgrid is a great tool to assist in engaging the entire class in discussion" - Nic Connelly What is Flipgrid? Flipgrid is a great tool to engage the entire class in discussion, and allows all students to view each others work, building support, (More)
Are you looking for global or industry experiences to bring into your virtual classroom?
  With the decrease in global travel, RMIT and many of our existing exchange partners are looking for opportunities for students to engage internationally. Unfortunately study abroad is just not possible at present. With the inability to trav (More)
Introducing One note and class notebook
What is One Note? One Note is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of tools. One note is basically an unlimited size piece of paper which you can use to take notes, add tags, create checklists and do just about anything you could image doing with (More)
Solutions Lab 14: Developing students' data analysis & visualisation skills
How do you keep HDR students motivated, particularly those whose research has stalled as they can’t get into the field or lab? A common suggestion is to keep them busy processing data ready for publications or learning some new data analysis techniqu (More)
Solutions Lab 12 - Providing rich & quality feedback via OneNote
Evidence shows that students and teachers can benefit from providing real time feedback. Teachers can instantly identify knowledge gaps and provide more emphasis on topics where it is needed. Real-time feedback informs the student on the current task (More)
How do you engage students with their readings?
One of the perennial issues in education is how to encourage students to engage with their readings.  Often, students do not complete set readings or do not understand the connections between weekly readings and course learning outcomes. This result (More)
Collaborative Reading – Working together to increase the impact and value of reading.
You may remember Harry Potter having an annotated potions book in the Half-blood prince. The side notes and extra tips provided helped him master complex potions, and avoid common mistakes. [caption id="attachment_5085" align="aligncenter" width=" (More)
Solutions Lab 11 - Teaching clinical skills and professional competencies online
Has the closure of the physical campus had an impact on the way you teach specialist skills and professional competencies? Have you lost physical access to labs, clinics and equipment or have the WIL/placement opportunities for students been restrict (More)
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