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July Professional Development
This July we are focussing on sessions to assist you in preparing your blended learning and assessment for semester 2. We look forward to seeing you there. Upcoming Events for July Se (More)
MS Teams now has breakout room functionality
A much wanted feature of MS Teams, breakout roo (More)
Looking for free teaching materials?
Are you looking for inspiration, or a great activity, animation or simulation to use in your teaching for the upcoming semester with NO COST for you or your students? Open Educational Resources (OERs), are available for you to use! More)
Making Videos in PowerPoint - Flexible Learning Part 2
Today's adventure in flexible learning takes us to a tool many of us are familiar with: PowerPoint.   Many of you regularly use PowerPoint in lectures, meetings, workshops or tutorials, but did you know with PowerPoint you can help you create pr (More)
How to create a Reading List - Flexible Learning Part 6
Reading lists (also known by some as Leganto) are a tool which integrates into Canvas and allows students to access assigned readings and support materials from within the course.   More)
Introducing Canvas Course Scheduler – Flexible Learning Part 7
Canvas Course Scheduler is an integrated feature of Canvas, which allows you (the academic) to identify regular times (office hours or consultation times), for students to get in touch about the course, this information is integrated into the Canvas (More)
A simple tool to help students engage with course readings
Are your students having trouble finding course materials? Would you like to know if your students are engaging with assigned readings? Do you want an easy way to list reading material? Are you worried about copyright compliance? The Canvas Reading L (More)
Supporting all students - Communication & Dyslexia
Ideas to improving communication from ai: Use the OpenDyslexic font for te (More)
Solutions Lab 24: Turning Break-Out Rooms into Effective Collaborative Work Spaces
Many STEMM courses include an opportunity for students to work together in small teams to produce, deliver and peer-assess a presentation. However, finding an effective online space for groups to work in is not easy, especially if the activity is par (More)
Solutions Lab 4 - Using Flipgrid (Video Discussion Board)
"Fipgrid is a great tool to assist in engaging the entire class in discussion" - Nic Connelly What is Flipgrid? Flipgrid is a great tool to engage the entire class in discussion, and allows all students to view each others work, building support, (More)
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