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Solutions Lab 4 - Using Flipgrid (Video Discussion Board)
"Fipgrid is a great tool to assist in engaging the entire class in discussion" - Nic Connelly What is Flipgrid? Flipgrid is a great tool to engage the entire class in discussion, and allows all students to view each others work, building support, (More)
Helping students stay on track with a study plan
With the pivot to online learning, many students have struggled to stay on track and find it difficult to maintain engagement. To deter this disengagement, it is important to develop students' metacognitive skills, to guide them in self-assessment, a (More)
RMIT Students’ Success on Niagara Falls Project
Property evaluation students in the RMIT School of Property, Construction and Project Management were able to apply their university knowledge to new contexts an (More)
So now what? The move from content delivery to collaborative learning
Many teaching staff used Collaborate Ultra for the first time this semester and it came with many challenges for some. So far their learning journey has been simply dealing with the tool to deliver content online and everyone has done a fabulous job (More)
How do you engage students with their readings?
One of the perennial issues in education is how to encourage students to engage with their readings.  Often, students do not complete set readings or do not understand the connections between weekly readings and course learning outcomes. This result (More)
Collaborative Reading – Working together to increase the impact and value of reading.
You may remember Harry Potter having an annotated potions book in the Half-blood prince. The side notes and extra tips provided helped him master complex potions, and avoid common mistakes. [caption id="attachment_5085" align="aligncenter" width=" (More)
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