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Solutions Lab 27:Teaching, Learning & Assessing Labs Online-Two Stories from Chemistry
Staff working in lab-based disciplines have had to work quickly and creatively to transition to virtual and online teaching this year. Faced with the challenge of giving students an authentic as possible lab experience, they have had to create new re (More)
Information about SparkPLUS has been relocated - click on link below
https://rmiteduau.sharepoint.com/sites/SEHStaffSite/SitePages/adg-sparkplus.aspx (More)
Why do SpeedGrader’s annotations on student assignment images disappear?
[wmd-accordion tab_background="#333333" tab_color="#fff" content_background="#ffffff" content_color="#020202" b (More)
Solutions Lab 8- Using Paralinguistic digital cues (textisms, likes, GIFs, emoticons and emoji) to strengthen connection and engagement with your students
The perceived lack of psychological closeness and absence of social cues in the online context creates challenges that may not exist in face-to-face learning. However, the online context also affords unique opportunities to use technology to connect (More)
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