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Digital Transformation at Scale - 2019 Blended Learning Pilot
 As educators, we need to lead the way and design our pedagogical approaches for the students we have, not the students we wish we had. This requires approaches that are responsive, inclusive, adaptive, challenging, and compassionate. And it requires (More)
Focus on Flexible learning and teaching part 1
The RMIT Enabling Remote Learning and Teaching Site. Currently ther (More)
Making Videos in PowerPoint - Flexible Learning Part 2
Today's adventure in flexible learning takes us to a tool many of us are familiar with: PowerPoint.   Many of you regularly use PowerPoint in lectures, meetings, workshops or tutorials, but did you know with PowerPoint you can help you create pr (More)
Looking for student projects? Flexible learning part 5
Today we will explore options to enable international online partnered learning experiences. Are you looking for projects for your students? Riipen brokers industry placements for university students. The platform wo (More)
What is Collaborate Ultra - Flexible learning part 4
Collaborate Ultra is a real time video conferencing tool that enables users to add files, share applications, conduct polls and use a virtual whiteboard to interact. This tool, can be used to enable dynamic interactivity for online students. Collab (More)
How to create a Reading List - Flexible Learning Part 6
Reading lists (also known by some as Leganto) are a tool which integrates into Canvas and allows students to access assigned readings and support materials from within the course.   More)
Introducing Canvas Course Scheduler – Flexible Learning Part 7
Canvas Course Scheduler is an integrated feature of Canvas, which allows you (the academic) to identify regular times (office hours or consultation times), for students to get in touch about the course, this information is integrated into the Canvas (More)
New Canvas feature: Teams Meeting integration
You may have heard Microsoft Teams (the collaboration platform) is now available from within Canvas. The Microsoft Teams integration is now available within your Canvas course, but before you expect too much -  It is just for creating More)
Help! I’ve got a large class and want do a live session.
If you have a very large cohort >250 students, you might experience some challenges with getting student engagement and following the chat messages during live online sessions. Here are some ideas which might help: 1. Creating a separate space t (More)
Privacy notice for virtual classroom sessions
All students should be made aware that virtual classroom sessions (e.g., Collaborate Ultra sessions) are recorded. We advise that the following notice be posted (attached) as a course announcement and placed somewhere prominent in your Canvas course, (More)
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