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Are you looking for global or industry experiences to bring into your virtual classroom?
  With the decrease in global travel, RMIT and many of our existing exchange partners are looking for opportunities for students to engage internationally. Unfortunately study abroad is just not possible at present. With the inability to trav (More)
Designing a module in Canvas
Designing a module in Canvas We know the next semester of teaching will be online, in this article we will explore some of the key decisions which will influence your experience teaching and your students experience learning. What are your priori (More)
Ideas for introducing a new week or topic
When students are studying entirely or mostly online, clear and comprehensive instructions are critical. This saves students time because they know what they need to do and it saves you time, because you don’t have to answer the same question or prov (More)
Introducing Microsoft Teams
During semester 1, 2020 a few courses used Teams to support students during the transition to online learning as a way to promote and support collaboration. Teams offers some advantages over both Canvas and Collaborate Ultra, in that it allows the hi (More)
How do you engage students with their readings?
One of the perennial issues in education is how to encourage students to engage with their readings.  Often, students do not complete set readings or do not understand the connections between weekly readings and course learning outcomes. This result (More)
Bringing readings or pre-class activities into the classroom (virtual or real)
How often does the task you set for outside of the live session, get used during the lecture or tutorial? Could asking students to do something, but not giving them any opportunities to use, discuss or extend what they have discovered be demotivat (More)
Which recording tool is suitable for my online delivery?
Clink here for a downloadable PDF with hyperlinks en (More)
Help! I need to upload a picture as a PDF from my phone
As we move to file upload questions in quizzes, and take home assessments increasingly students are solving problems on a physical piece of paper, and then taking a photo to upload it to Canvas.   If a student uploads and image using the canvas ap (More)
Solutions Lab 7- Why teaching & learning needs a narrative?
A course narrative provides students with structure and clear welcoming instructions and information, as "without a clear understanding of how, and why, different teaching and learning activities are connected, the student experience can feel like 'j (More)
Accessibility in an online space
Some learners may have additional needs with respect to language, audio or visual representations. When teaching in the online space, some simple choice you make will have a large impact on your students. The Universal Design for Learning Guidelines (More)
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