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Supporting all students - Communication & Dyslexia
Ideas to improving communication from ai: Use the OpenDyslexic font for te (More)
Captions in Teams recordings (or Stream)
After you have recorded your teams meeting the recording becomes available in stream. (note whoever presses record gets the permissions for the final file). Once processed (usually less than 15 mins) the file appears in the channel (or chat) where (More)
Closed captions and permissions
Having invested in making wonderful micro lectures, and video resources to support students, wouldn’t it be great if all your students could benefit from these videos?   Closed captions have been shown to support student with audio process (More)
Introducing One note and class notebook
What is One Note? One Note is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of tools. One note is basically an unlimited size piece of paper which you can use to take notes, add tags, create checklists and do just about anything you could image doing with (More)
Designing a module in Canvas
Designing a module in Canvas We know the next semester of teaching will be online, in this article we will explore some of the key decisions which will influence your experience teaching and your students experience learning. What are your priori (More)
Where to find Open Educational Resources (OERs)?
We’ve looked at what an OER is on SISTER before  and increasingly it is an RMIT focus. According to < (More)
Celebrating Accessibility and Inclusion
Recently RMIT Celebrated Global Accessibility Awareness day, and showcased a number of resources to available to promote inclusion within the wider communi (More)
How do you engage students with their readings?
One of the perennial issues in education is how to encourage students to engage with their readings.  Often, students do not complete set readings or do not understand the connections between weekly readings and course learning outcomes. This result (More)
Collaborative Reading – Working together to increase the impact and value of reading.
You may remember Harry Potter having an annotated potions book in the Half-blood prince. The side notes and extra tips provided helped him master complex potions, and avoid common mistakes. [caption id="attachment_5085" align="aligncenter" width=" (More)
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