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What can an Atlantic salmon tell us about functional imaging and statistics?
Hello fellow Psychology enthusiasts! I was trolling through Twitter this weekend (follow us @Psychology _RMIT) and an excellent thread by @axbom caught my ey (More)
Coffee with Prerna Varma, RMIT Sleep Lab PhD researcher
Recently we were lucky enough to catch up with Prerna Varma (@sleep_psyched), a PhD researcher in the RMIT Sleep Lab. Prerna is the co-chair of Insomnia and Sleep Health for the More)
It's Psychology Week!
This year, the theme for Psychology Week is: Psychology and social justice issues - what can we learn from young people? It's a very pertinent topic considering current events, both environmentally and politically. This week seeks to promote what (More)
Why is it so hard to change behaviour?
Many of the critical issues in our society today require a drastic change in behaviour - the obesity crisis, climate chan (More)
It's Dementia Action Week, here's why it's important to psychology gradutes
[et_pb_column type="4_4" _builder_v (More)
Volunteering opportunities for Psychology students
Volunteering provides an opportunity for you to gain real-life experiences, develop professional networks, and enhance your skills.   Choosing a place to volunteer Volunteering in a role that fits your interests, personal values and skill (More)
Aphantasia - when the mind is blind
Imagine a beach in front of you. How clearly can you see it? Can you watch the waves crashing in, or look at the seashells on the sand? Some people see the beach as if they are actually there, while others have a very poor image and aren't able to s (More)
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