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My first AI Song Contest experience: it's not a bug; it's a feature!
For the last couple of months I have been busy hacking away in my contribution to the Australian entry to the AI Eurovision song contest. It was a great opportunity to e-meet othe (More)
Attempt No. 2 at Covid Data Sonification
Yesterday's first attempt at sonification of covid daily cases by country proved to be too difficult for people to interpret, since it is only with substantial training or experience that people learn to make rapid attentional shifts when listening t (More)
First attempts to sonify Covid-19 data
While medical researchers try to learn more about Covid-19, how to vaccinate against it and how to reduce its severity, data scientists are producing models of its spread, extracting information from repositories of medical research, or exploring dat (More)
What can an Atlantic salmon tell us about functional imaging and statistics?
Hello fellow Psychology enthusiasts! I was trolling through Twitter this weekend (follow us @Psychology _RMIT) and an excellent thread by @axbom caught my ey (More)
Coffee with Prerna Varma, RMIT Sleep Lab PhD researcher
Recently we were lucky enough to catch up with Prerna Varma (@sleep_psyched), a PhD researcher in the RMIT Sleep Lab. Prerna is the co-chair of Insomnia and Sleep Health for the More)
How can we keep up in the rapidly evolving biomedicine field?
First of all - congratulations to those who have just finished exams, and I hope you're all enjoying a well-deserved break! Now, many of you may have just completed your degree (yay!) and are now embarking on the next stage of your careers. You may b (More)
What's news in Biomedicine?
It's been a little while since I last posted as I've been out on Clinical Placement, so let's catch up on the latest news in Biomedicine! Here's 3 articles worth checking out:   Are some organs really too risky to donate? A More)
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