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Solutions Lab 36: Exhibiting and Assessing Capstone Projects Online, at Scale
One of the good outcomes from the pandemic has been the emergence of more imaginative, inclusive and accessible academic forums. Without having to factor in travel, accommodation and scheduling, it means that work can be showcased in multi-media form (More)
Solutions Lab 35: Transformational Learning – Integrating Bundyi Girri into the Curriculum
As part of the Bundyi Girri project, staff from across the college have been exploring ways to include Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing in their curricula. By doing so, we not only take important steps in our own Reconciliation journeys, b (More)
Solutions Lab 34: Virtual Telehealth Placements for Exercise & Sports Science Students
With the campus closed and access to most workplaces, public services and facilities restricted, it has been a real challenge to ensure students can benefit from WIL/ placement experiences in their courses. Moreover, with restrictions placed on the n (More)
Solutions Lab 33: Better teaching through silliness and storytelling: Using performance techniques to improve student engagement and satisfaction
Learning online has been a stressful experience for a lot of our students this year – not only have they had to quickly adapt to studying in isolation and collaborating in onli (More)
Solutions Lab 32: Oral vivas, online, at scale: Transforming the assessment experience
For many disciplines, the fact that remote, online learning prevents invigilated examinations is a difficult problem to overcome. Early in the pandemic experience, remote proctoring tools emerged as a viable solution, but they have received strong cr (More)
Solutions Lab 31: Using Augmented Reality (AR) tools to enhance student learning
Augmented Reality (AR) has a plethora of applications in teaching and learning and has been a key area of educational innovation in the last five years. The COVID pandemic, which has forced us all online, has amplified the potential for AR tools to b (More)
Solutions Lab 29: Using AI Voice-Overs to Deliver Lecture Content
In the online teaching environment, it is really important to ensure that our recorded audio-visual materials are accessible; this is important for all students, but especially those with disabilities, learning preferences or language needs. Narratio (More)
Solutions Lab 13 - Time Saving Tips for Teaching Online
Jess Danaher's (School of Science) courses follow flipped and blended models, ideal for online environments. In this session, Jess took us through her toolbox of time-freeing hacks. She gave a crash course on the simple editing software she uses t (More)
Solutions Lab 30: Improving Engagement & Supporting Deep Learning via Weekly 'Reflective Provocations'
Getting students to think critically and connectively about concepts and topics can be a real challenge in the online environment. Text-based tools like quizzes and discussion boards are commonly used to facilitate deep learning, but not all students (More)
Solutions Lab 28: Building a Strong Feedback Approach for Research Methods Teaching
The move to online teaching has led to some great innovations in assessment practice across the college; staff have made creative changes, giving hundreds of students a more personalised, inclusive and engaging assessment experience. For many teachin (More)
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